Saturday, October 13, 2007

This weekend To Do List

My list this weekend is not that long:

1. Devotions with the Lord Saturday morning.
2. Take my walk and do push-ups.
3. Blog about last nights game.
4. Tidy up kitchen.
5. Work more on turning spare room into office. (I did this but didn't get too much done!)
6. Bring out Halloween decorations.
7. Go to town with Grayson to pick up corsage for his homecoming date, Katie.
8. Stop at pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin.
9. Make an apple pie.
10. Make pork chops for Saturday night dinner. Nope - the plans changed, Eric said he wanted to make his special baked beans and BBQ ribs and chicken for dinner :0).
11. Make taco soup for Sunday night dinner. Nope - we used the defrosted pork chops we were supposed to have on Saturday night and Eric barbequed again!
12. Go through Christmas file and start planning Christmas.
13. Play board game with Hayden.
14. Go to church with family on Sunday morning.
15. Hang out with family and relax!!
16. Clean up my bedroom.
17. Do some laundry.
18. Balance checkbook.

Last week when I posted my to do list, it seemed to inspire me a bit more to get it all done.....we'll see if it works again! If I change the font to red it means I accomplished that goal. If I change it to green it means the plans were changed!

Have a blessed weekend!

~ Sharon


Sara said...

You are so organized with your to do list! Maybe I should try something like that! I might actually take that daily walk if I put it on a list...

And thank you for enlarging the text!

Candy said...

I use to make lists all the time on my blog before..and am planning on doing it again soon too..
It actually really does help me get things done.

MightyMom said...

hey there! thank you very much for stopping by my place!

I love the posting the to-do list!

I wrote mine out last night as I was getting very stressed and overwhelmed and couldn't find a place to begin...

the list took up an entire page of a legal pad...and cunting haha.

Funny thing was that Subvet (my hubby) saw the list on the counter and started doing things on it!! hooray!!

lovely blog...I'll be back.

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