Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My sweet husband

I am married to such a wonderful man! God truly blessed me with Eric. We have so much fun together and we are a really good team. We have been married for 25 years and have been together for 30 years! We met in December of 1977 and were high school sweethearts. We laugh every single day.

He is such a hard worker. He is a timber faller by trade and works very hard every day. It is dangerous work, but Eric is very skilled and very careful, plus, we know he is in God's hands.

He is such a hard worker, he is always doing some kind of project around the house. He has tackled all kinds of projects from replacing a toilet to repairing our fireplace (he actually had to tear our half of it because it had collapsed and he learned how to do brick work and repaired it beautifully) to building me shelves and furniture as well as building fences, decking, sheds, etc. He is very handy with woodwork and he does beautiful work.

One thing I have had to get used to is that Eric likes to play hard too and he has many hobbies and interests. He fishes year round, hunts, camps and plays golf. I fish with him sometimes and camp with him, but I do not hunt or golf, which is fine. He gets to go out with his buddies and I get some alone free time at home. I am thankful because he fills our freezer with all kinds of fish, deer and elk.

Yesterday after work he sprayed our house for bugs. Every year we get thousands of weird bugs that hang out mainly on the east side of our house. We have heard they are called box beetles, here is a picture of them - do any of you know what kind of bug they are? We also get plagued by ladybugs. They are really, really annoying. Thank goodness they don't sting or bite, but they are just gross because there are so many of them! They showed up a couple of weeks ago and then again yesterday, but yesterday they were worse than ever and were on almost every inch of our home.

Two weeks ago he sprayed them and then did it again yesterday. We found out a wonderful trick I want to pass along, it is simply water and Dawn dish washing soap. It kills most every type of bug, flies, spiders, bees, and these weird mystery bugs. It is nontoxic, smells pleasant and in the process, washes your house while you use it! My husband keeps a small spray bottle for inside use and fills this big sprayer for when he has bigger jobs. If you recall, I blogged about this same solution to kill fruit flies, read about it here.

UPDATE: A couple of my blogger friends informed me these bugs are called Boxelder Bugs and they can become a real nuisance. My blogger friend Jan at Bold & Free referred me to this website on Boxelder Bugs that is very informative.

"And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not." Galatians 6:9

~ Sharon


nannykim said...

Interesting--but how much dawn to how much water---for spraying? Does it hurt any of the plants?

Candy said...

Aww what a sweet post about your hubby!!! He seems like a sweet guy.

About the bugs..I dont know anything about those. I have never seen one before.
But spiders.......ooooooohhhhhh I hate those. Thankfully I have one seen 2 of the teeniest tiniest ones (I think from my neighbors plants) that came inside our home. Truthfully...I am so petrified of spiders that, that is a big reason I like and chose to buy and live in a condominium...because you dont get them as much or at all...like you do in houses. I just cant handle them. I had a few bad experiences with spiders in my childhood and to this day, I start to faint when I see one. True story. I get so sickly. Its the ONLY thing in the entire world that I am scared of. Can you imagine. Funny hey. Or strange hahaa


Liz said...


Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed reading this, there is nothing more meaningful to me than when my husband runs around installing light fixtures and nailing things down!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Very nice post about your DH!! THANKS for the tip on the bug spray! We here in WA have those annoying wolf spiders that like to live under the siding of the house and they actually COME IN during the winter months!! I am going to spray them!!

Nunnie's Attic said...

We actually gave our cats a bath with Dawn because it kills fleas.

You have a wonderful hubby and he has an equally wonderful wife. A couple who can appreciate each other, can stay together!


Sharon said...

Nannykim asked how much Dawn to how much water. Eric said about 4 to 8 oz of Dawn to about 1 gal of water.

Also, Julie left a comment above that she gives her cats baths in Dawn because it kills fleas! Dawn should be advertised as a bug killer, not dish soap!

:0) Sharon

nannykim said...

Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,
I happened upon your site from another. What a blessing it is to read. I have a question ... does the Dawn solution works on ridding a home of ants?

Sharon said...

Hi Deborah! Thanks for visiting and for your sweet compliment! I am not for certain, but I think it will kill ants as well. It has something to do with that it blocks their airway so they can't breath. I would try spraying on some and see if it works. It would be neat to find out if you laid a low tray out with it in it if they would get in it and die. That would be great because you can set out traps and leave.

Have a wonderful day! Sharon

Julieann said...

What a sweet hubby you have--yay on 30 years!!

I am laughing at your bug question, because I posted a pic of my beetle too---mine was a stink bug--maybe that is what yours is too:)


Allison said...

Hi Sharon, your husband sounds like a wonderful man and a great partner. I really like the trick about the Dawn and water. We get exactly the same thing with ladybugs and box elder bugs (that's what those bugs are called). When it is warm in the fall they will congregate on the side of the house that faces the sun. Unfortunately for us, that's the front of our house. Yuck. Thank you for the great tip.


Jan Parrish said...

Sharon - These are called boxelder bug and you want to get them now before they winterize and cause you more problems in March. http://ohioline.osu.edu/hyg-fact/2000/2106.html
check out this link for more information. We are having the same issue too. Thanks for the reminder to take care of it. :)

tony said...

Hi Sharon,
Congratulations for your family, it looks perfect from here - except the ladybug and bee killings, which I don't really approve of, but that's another story! Hey, check this out: I understand you love Enid Collins's style handbags, and I am selling one just right now on Ebay if you're interested! Type "Enid Collins" in the research engine and you will find it (right now the item is in France, but it might fly back to the US in 2 weeks). Thank you for your attention and God bless you and your family. Best. Tony

Sharon said...


I don't think I'm interested in purchasing an Enid Collins bag at this time, but thanks for the tip. Just to let you know, we don't just go around killing lady bugs and bees! We only killed them when they attacked our house and hundreds and I mean hundreds of ladybugs invested our home! They were crawling around INSIDE the house! I don't know about you, but when things invade my home, I prefer to get rid of them! I don't think we have ever killed bees. Wasps maybe and maybe yellow jackets, but that would just be one at a time if they were threatening to sting us!

tony said...

Hello Sharon,

Thanks for taking the time to answer. It's the first time I react to a blog (I'm not too used to reading blogs either), and you could not have been more reactive!
When did you start this blog, how much time do you spend on it per day?
I am pretty touchy about getting rid of insects and animals in general, because we (humans) have caused so many damages to nature so far, we should cool it, don't you think so? On the other hand, what you describe seemed to require some tough action, so that's fine. How come you had so many ladybugs? Here (in France) they are pretty rare (actually it depends, some years we have "a lot" of them, but never the invasions you describe) and we tend to protect them because they are natural predators for aphids, these tiny tiny bugs that feed on the sap of many plants, specially rose bushes. Therefore ladybugs are considered as a natural pesticide, and there are very serious companies that market ladybug larvae (or eggs?) for you to spread on your rose bushes (see this link : http://biotop.fr/04produits/f_harmonia.htm - the page is in French but there are animated that are pretty easy to understand). Actually, the invasion you describe is not an isolated case. Doing some research, I found that the ladybug that often “invades” human homes in Northern America is the species Harmonia Axyridis, more commonly called Asian ladybug. It was introduced in Northern America to control aphids in 1916 (so you see, this green idea of using existing insects as natural auxiliaries to get rid of some others is not new: 1916!). Problem is that they tend to “invade” human homes during fall, just like you describe, so what you have experienced is not an isolated case, but a phenomenon that seems to be pretty common in the US and starts to be observed in Europe, where this Harmonia has been introduced too. To know more about it, see this wikipedia link :
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harmonia_axyridis. In another page (in French, sorry), I read that the invading ladybugs are looking for a shelter for winter, that’s the reason why they aggregate near houses. But on the other hand, if it can reassure you (which I doubt, but let’s try), they say that with the temperature you usually find in a house (around 64-68 °F), and without food, those bugs die within a couple of days (so suppose some get in your house unnoticed, they won’t survive and even less thrive in it: feel better?). That’s it regarding bugs, Sharon! Enjoy your Sunday. T

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