Sunday, October 7, 2007

I've Been Tagged By Chrissy

I have been tagged by Chrissy. This is a fun game where you share seven facts about yourself and then tag seven others to do the same thing. Every time I thought of someone to tag I looked at their blog and they had already been tagged in the recent past, so I am not going to pass it along. I will, however tell you seven random things about me.

1. Now that I am older, I look better in filtered light compared to bright sunlight! :0)

2. I love to eat cake batter.

3. I like to catch frogs and polliwogs.

4. I want to learn how to oil paint someday soon.

5. I do not do much after 8:00 at night like I did when I was young. When I was a young mother I often would get the younger kids in bed and start a project at 9:00 or 10:00 at night. Those days are gone!!! :0)

6. I was in a bed race in the middle of our down town with lots of people watching and I was wearing a night shirt and yellow fuzzy slippers!

7. I would like to become a great gardener. Right now I am horrible and don't really even make an effort. I think because our soil is clay like and things don't grow that well.

Thanks for the tag Chrissy! Sorry I didn't keep it going.

~ Sharon


Desia said...

Hi Sharon
Found your lovely blog via Kelli’s Show & Tell.
(I am also 46 - will be 47 in two weeks - have been married for 24 years and started blogging recently. We have 3 children, youngest is 15 and homeschooled.)
I will come back to look at all the interesting things you have posted here.

Candy said...

It was fun to read things about you :)

JoyFULLWifeMom said...

Fun! I would love to be in a bed race. Ha! Frogs? I am going to say that is neat. LOL! Thanks for doing it!


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