Friday, October 12, 2007

Homecoming Parade!

I love our little town! Every year we have this homecoming parade and it is so cute. This afternoon Hayden, his friend, Sam, and I all went to the parade. It is small, but it is full of spirit and cute! Each class has to make a float and they show them in the parade (they also will parade them around the stadium tonight). At today's parade we also saw a float for the cheerleaders, the pep band, the soccer team, girls volleyball and the homecoming princesses. Such fun!

Tonight there will be more festivities with the crowing of the homecoming queen and the traditional burning of the giant wooden letter "B" for Bulldogs out past the football field. It is so fun, they turn off all the stadium lights and the band plays the school song! Very memorable evening!

After last week's huge loss, we are really hoping for a win tonight.

I hope all of you have terrific weekends!

Blessings to you ~ Sharon


Sondra said...

Sounds like so much fun! It looks like your baby is taller than you! Don't you just hate that. I wish I could slow Austin down from growing. Doesn't matter tho- he will always be my baby!
ps my popcorn boxes I mostly got from ebay!

Brenda said...

I love those. Kids were so crazy here they stopped them. Whatever happened to the good old days?

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