Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Halloween Decorations

Last weekend I switched out some of my fall things for Halloween items. I left a lot of the fall decorations up because they work so well with the Halloween things.

Here are some pictures of my windowsill decorations. I just kind of just jammed things up there, it looks kind of like they are having a party. My friend, Mareta made the cute Mr. Pumpkin Man and little black kitty out of sculpy. She is wonderful and her talents never end! She actually wired on the arms of Mr. Pumpkin......truly amazing! Also, note that the kitty has a dress made of crepe paper, she never spares a detail! I was very upset because we had little visitors (gross!) in the attic who nibbled on the kitty's face and nose. Of all the places the mouse could have chewed, why right on the face? I took a black Sharpie and covered it up the best I could. Grrrr! I set out poison for them and have not seen any new evidence......hopefully they moved out!

I found the plastic scarecrow on Ebay and paid way too much, but I guess that it all balances out with the great bargains I always find. He is made of some of the early hard plastic in the 50s and I really like him. If you have anything made out of that old hard plastic, hold on to it, it is becoming really collectible. The little bookworm guy was just a little knick-knack I picked up somewhere and I have him holding a little tiny pumpkin. The owl was an old 70s wooden owl that I painted orange, black and white and then sanded over to make him look like a vintage collectible.

I think I found the candy picture frame at Wal-Mart several years ago and I have a picture of my four little boys all dressed up from Halloween of 1997. The pumpkin they are sitting on was grown in our garden! We don't know what we did, but we had two huge pumpkins that year! Good memories!

Tomorrow I'll show you my Halloween tray that I put on the bookshelf in the kitchen. It has fun things on it too!

"For God so love the world that He gave His one and only son that whoever shall believe in Him shall have eternal life." John 3:16

~ Sharon


Sondra said...

I love the vintage owl. I would have thought that he was made like that originally. Wow- you got talent! LOL
:) I am hanging in over here and things are getting better for us. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts!

nannykim said...

I wonder if the plastic is bakelite (spelling?).

Sharon said...

Nannykim - no it is not bakelite (you spelled it right), this plastic is lighter weight. I have several kitchen utencils with bakelite and it is a different plastic.

:0) Sharon

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

I LOVE all your decorations-you have such a great selection! They are so vintage looking! Thanks for sharing them!

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