Monday, October 1, 2007

Front Porch Fall Decorations!

I finished all my fall decorating this week! Yea! I absolutely love fall (like just about every other blogger!) and love to decorate for fall. I kind of go overboard (ya think???!!!) but it cheers me up and makes our home feel so cozy. What I usually do is decorate for fall sometime at the end of September, then around October 15th I add in Halloween pieces and around the second week in November I take out Halloween and add in Thanksgiving. Some of the basic fall items are up the whole season. I like to do it this way because otherwise I get real tired of Halloween if I put it up too early.

Usually I fill the old wheelbarrow up with pumpkins and fall colored mums, but didn't have time yet this year. That wheelbarrow has a funny story behind it. My Dad gave me the old wheel - I forgot the reason why, but we had this old antique wheel. Then I went to a garage sale and found an old wheelbarrow frame without a wheel! Then I went to another garage sale and found the big wooden box! My husband put them all together and now we have this cool old looking wheelbarrow!

I found the old cast iron pot at a church bazaar and fill it with water, acorns and floating candles. I love the way it looks! The water looks gross though because the pot is rusted and has turned the water that color. Yuk!

My Daddy made the neat little planter/table for us about 15 years ago for Christmas. It is perfect for a front porch to have flowers in and decorate seasonally. I put tea lights in an old muffin tin and it makes a perfect warm touch to the vignette.

~ Sharon


Allison said...

Sharon, thank you so much for visiting me and leaving me a comment. Your porch looks GREAT!! I really, really love it. The muffin tin with candles is so great, as is the wonderful cast iron pot filled with nuts and floating candles. It all looks so homey and cozy! Thanks for the inspiration. I'm going to get pumpkins and gourds this coming weekend. Such a fun time of year.

Candy said...

Hi :)
Its all lovely. I especially like the wheelbarrow and the muffin tin with canldes in it. Everything is nice actually! :)
Im so glad you were able to come by my blog! Thanks for the comments :) Hopefully blogger will be fixed soon so you dont have to type in my blog address :)

Next weekend is Thanksgiving for us here in Canada. Fall will very soon be over and we will have snow by the end of October if not sooner. Which I love :)

Happy Fall to you!!

Hootin'Anni said...

This is simply gorgeous! What great decoration and beautiful work!! I adore this season of the year. You did an awesome job. Candles in a muffin tin!!! Whod'a thought!! Fantastic.

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

That is so beautiful! I am totally inspired now, thanks!!!


Mimi said...

Your decorations look so very fallish...I love them...
where in the world do you store all your decoration for the different seasons?

Sharon said...

Mimi asked where I store all my seasonal decorations. For all the outside things my husband made a garden shed and I have all my outdoor wreaths, etc. out there. For all my interior stuff, I put them all in boxes labled by what holiday and store them in my walk in attic, which unfortunately we had little visitors (mice!) come see us and they chewed a few of my neat things and left "pressents" everywhere! Gross! I put out bait and have not seen any, so hopefully they are gone!

~ Sharon

nannykim said...

I love the one to the right of the door where you have the window hanging and a wreath on the top of that and the shelves below--love the colors of yellow and white.

Jessica said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Those pictures make me want to go jump into a pile of leaves!! LOL!!

Everything is very pretty. :)

Jan Parrish said...

Warm, welcoming and cozy.

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