Friday, October 5, 2007

Fall Decorating - Entryway and Stair Landing

Here are the last of my fall interior decorating pictures. Not a whole lot to show today though. The first picture is the table in our entryway. I found the cool old birds at a church bazaar where you can fill a grocery sack for $1.00. When I go to sales like that, that is when I can get into trouble and bring home way too much junk that I don't need! It is still fun though! I found the hurricane lamp in a free box at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago!

The fun pumpkin wreath is hanging on the inside of our front door in the entryway. I can see if from "my spot" on the couch when watching TV and I get to admire it.

The next picture is the view as you are heading up the stairs. I have a little table up there with my son's baby pictures on it. I always try to add a touch of seasonal decor up there so it is fun for the boys (well it was when they were tiny, I think now it is just kind of an added touch that mom cares and it is a little bit of security because when we do things that are traditional, that brings security).

The last picture is in the downstairs bathroom. Just a little sign of fall on my jewelry cabinet. It looks pretty when the candle is lit. Notice the old vintage picture in the back, it is a picture of my mother's ancestors, but I forgot how they are related, I think my mother's great, great grandmother's sisters. They were twins, Bessie and Jessie. I love the picture and the frame, so pretty.

Like I said before, I just like to add small touches throughout the whole house, I think it makes it fun.

Have a blessed weekend! ~ Sharon


Hootin'Anni said...

I LOVE the ceramic pheasants!!! They're gorgeous and so warm and bright in color....beautiful!!!!

Candy said...

I love your little pumpkin on the last picture....sooo cute!!


Becky said...

I have looked at your decorating posts and you have a beautiful home. How cozy and warm and comfortable one must feel to come into your house.

I think we have the same dining room set. The china cabinet and chairs look just like mine.

Happy fall!!

Jan Parrish said...

What a charming wreath.

Mimi said...

well I have really enjoyed your decorations...
although I was looking forward to seeing your stair railing decorated.. you did not disappoint me with the decorations that you did!!

I love to see all the show and tell Friday blogs... but unfortunately I do not have a digital camera, so I cannot participate with all you other bloggers...I just look, read, and enjoy what the rest of you post!!!

Meredith from Merchant Ships said...


Those $1 a bag sales are the best!

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