Thursday, September 6, 2007

This talks to me

I can't explain it, and most people don't understand, but when I see certain things, I just have to have them. My friend Shannon coins the phrase "it talks to me" when we are really drawn to something, especially something funky, that other people might not understand why. I found this old, soiled, faded laundry bag with cute old clothes pins in it at a thrift store and practically lunged for it. Why??? I think I am drawn to the faded old colors and I like how worn it is. I think it represents a time period when just about all women were housewives and laundry day was a big, big day. A time when most women didn't have clothes dryers so they hung the clothes out back on an old fashioned clothes line. I think it also reminds me of both of my grandmothers. I have memories of seeing both of them doing laundry and hanging it up on the line or bringing it in off the line after it was dry. I remember thinking that their way was really different than the way my mother did it. Both of my grandmothers worked so hard, they were frugal and loved the Lord. Both of them were Proverbs 31 women.
I think I will hang this clothes pin holder in my laundry room to remind me of my grandmothers and the days of long ago.

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