Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Afternoon

Today we went to church and then visited Cameron at his new apartment. I am just amazed at him, he is already unpacked and settled in! He has it all decorated and it looks like a cool bachelor pad. Eric and I are so proud of him! I didn't have my camera, but his friend Lisa took a picture for me, so I will share that when I get it.

We had a cold fall day with little bits of rain in the afternoon, a perfect day for warm and cozy potato soup with biscuits. Brittany helped me make dinner, I made the soup and she made the biscuits. She had never made biscuits before, so it was so wonderful for me to be able to teach her.

This circle of life that God gives us is pretty neat. Here I had one leave the nest, but then I have Brittany coming into our family and I am able to teach her things and get close with her. I am so thankful that she wants to be involved with our family and she is eager to learn from me. We had a very fun and special time. Kenzie sat with us and visited while we were cooking.The soup smelled so good as it cooked. Eric was working in the garage, Grayson was at work and Hayden was watching an old movie while we were cooking.

I am so thankful and thrilled with Brtitany. Mackenzie and her have such a beautiful relationship. It is amazing to me how mature they are and how they have God as the center of their relationship. They get along great and enjoy spending time with our family. They are such a great role model for our younger sons; they are giving them a great example of a good relationship.

While we were taking pictures Mackenzie told me that my camera can take super close up pictures! I did not know I could do this! It might have helped if I read my instruction book! Any way, he taught me that I can take pictures like the one above of one of my kitchen shelves, you can even see the little tiny antique baby shoe buckle that I picked up along the way somewhere. You can even see the dust on everything! I am so excited, this will really help when doing my blog to show close up shots of some of my collections and vignettes.

~ Sharon


Sondra said...

How great it must be to finally have a girl in the house that you can bake with! I can't imagine how much fun that must be. Neither of my older two boys are involed in a relationship yet. I pray that God will bring the right girl to them and as anxious as I am for that I surely do not want to rush it.
How neat that your camera can zoom so close. I guess you will be having alot of fun with that!

Kelly said...

Congrats on his new apartment - what an exciting time!! Also, your kitchen is ADORABLE, Sharon! I love the pics of you cookin' it up!

P.S. How blessed is Cameron to have such a devoted, fun and loving mother! :0)

Sondra said...

Yes, both Billy and Wesley have left the nest. Billy has been out for a little while and Wesley has just recently left to live with him. Wesley has chosen to make some choices in his life that I am not very pleased with. This has been very difficult because he was always the "good" child and we are very shocked and dissapointed in some of his decisions. I know he is on his own and just wants to do his own thing and I myself know all about rebellion. I can only pray that he brings his heart and mind back to God. It was difficult when he left with all the anger that went on, but he knows I love him and would do anything for him.

Sondra said...

Oh, and they do live close. 10 minute drive!

Julieann said...

Your kitchen looks so cozy--I love it. That is so cool about your camera too (SHH, I didn't read my manual either..LOL)

It sounds like Cameron is settling in nicely--can't wait to see the picture.


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