Sunday, September 30, 2007

Simple Fall Project

Here is a simple fall project I made this week, but you can do it for any season. I just love the old vintage artwork cut outs for classrooms and homes to decorate walls and windows. You will find them usually dumped in with all the other holiday decor at the thrift stores. I think I have some for every season. I used to put them in our front windows during the appropriate holiday, but when the kids got older I quit doing that, but still wanted to display my favorites.
All I did was simply hot glue a ribbon in a coordinating color to the back and then I hang them either on my china hutch or on one of our interior doors.
I have a beautiful old turkey that I will show when I decorate for Thanksgiving. I found this neat old pheasant last week at a thrift store for 25 cents!
I love the colors in him! I think he looks good hanging on my china hutch in the dining room. Some of you scrapbookers out there might embellish them even further with buttons, feathers and fringe, I would love to see them if any of you do it!

I'll be showing all my fall decor in the next few days!

~ Sharon


Allison said...

He's so cute!! Love it. He is just perfect for fall Sharon. The comment from the most recent post is mine too - not sure if I put my name one it.


Trudi A said...

You have a lovely collection of fall decorations. I haven't done much but you've motivated me to finish. Thanks for all the lovely posts.

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