Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Our Living Room

Here are some pictures of our living room. Just about everything is from a thrift store, flea market or garage sale. I think only the couch, some of the pillows and the stereo cabinet were purchased brand new! The secretary was from my grandmother's house and is full of vintage baby items. It also holds a vintage typewriter given to me from my father and an antique phone I found at a garage sale.

I have painted all the shelves and tables cream and did a little sanding on some of them to give the shabby chic look. I have way too many little figurines and collectibles, but I just love them and they talk to me! My husband made the mantle and hung it for me, I think it turned out beautiful. He is very talented and a very good craftsman, and he is really sweet to me when I say, "honey, do you think you could make me such and such and hang it for me?". He will then will work real hard at whatever it is and get it done for me. He is a good man and I am so thankful for him! I am thankful that he is very supportive of the way I decorate too!

People used to say how can you have a house like this with four sons, don't they ever get to play? My answer to that is, I just trained them not to touch the pretty things, they could look, but not touch. I also had plenty of "secret" storage (like baskets and vintage boxes that were part of the decor) where we hid all their toys for easy access and quick clean up, plus they had all their favorite toys in their rooms. And as far as playing goes, you should have seen the neat forts, big hot wheel set ups, big Lego creations, huge GI Joe wars and even a maze made out of old VHS tapes for Grayson's pet rat to race through that we had set up over the years in that living room. My only rule was be careful and it all gets picked up by dinnertime or bedtime. We have had a tent set up in there and had many slumber parties with about 10 little boys sleeping in there!

I also figure that if something does get broken, we can just replace it, I probably only paid 50 cents for it anyway :0). My kids are much more valuable to me than my antiques and they have always known that, but they learned how to respect the things in our home. Having them trained like this also made it so nice when we would visit people, my kids respected other peoples homes as well.

Tomorrow I will show more pictures of the living room with some close up shots of my shelves.

"Home is not where you live but where they understand you." - Christian Morgenstern



Mimi said...

I came to your blog by way of Nannykim's blog...
You have a beautiful home...it looks so cozy.. I love the desk with the old typewriter on it!!

nannykim said...

I have an old phone too--mine has many memories because it was in our home in the 50's and it still works , but we use cell phones now!! It even has our old party line number on the dial! I used to have an old typewriter also, but we got rid of it (horror!!). I also used to have a red living room (we have two "living rooms") , but after a few years I had to go with something lighter and brighter. It felt to depressing--and yet before I had found it warm and cozy --fickle me .But I did love the red with the white trim--so I like the idea of your red and white. As far as boys playing goes--I have two boys (my girl was always well behaved)--but my two boys had a way of occasionally breaking things--Like the tiime they were throwing a little ball in the house and it crashed into the tea cup shelve and broke some cups from previous anniversaries! Or the time they broke a door when they were goofying around. And as far as your guys (some of them) moving out--Rejoice--I love the fact of the kids are becoming adults and having a rich life of their own, don't you!! That is defintely what we have been training them for--sometimes they don't choose the way we want --but I give them to the Lord to do His work in!! Hey--do your red chairs recline? They look just like my blue ones which do recline!!

Joyfull said...

Your living room is beautiful! I love the way you have decorated it. Thanks for sharing.

Kelli said...

Sharon, your livingroom is absolutely beautiful..wow! You have a wonderful touch when it comes to making a home welcoming and cozy!!
I would love to go thrift shopping with you! :0)
Oh, I taught my children to just look at pretty things too!
P.s. You asked about the flour in my jars. I haven't had a problem with freshness at all. Of course I bake a lot so the jar gets refilled quite often. :0)

Helle Greer said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for stopping by. I love your typewriter, and your home is just beautiful, love all the treasures.
Have a great weekend.

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