Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our Home

This is our home. We bought it in 1994 when the boys were pretty small. We had grown out of our 1,000 square foot home and bought this one. This house is located in a little town, which we didn't even realize would become such a big blessing - living in a small town has been so great for our boys. The boys were all pretty young when we moved in, Mackenzie almost 10, Cameron 8, Grayson 3-1/2 and Hayden 9 months. We more than doubled our square feet and got a big huge yard with undeveloped land around us. Perfect for little boys to play, explore and make forts. One of the most exciting things was when we moved in there were all kinds of neighborhood kids and most of them were boys! My kids were in heaven! God truly blessed us with this home.

Eric and I have done so many projects, we have probably changed just about every single thing that house except the windows and doors! We started by painting the exterior from a dull faded gray to a sunny yellow with white trim. We also painted the interior, re-carpeted, added new flooring, wallpapered, leveled the backyard, fenced it, built a new deck, built a carport and tool shed, added an above ground pool, tiled the bathroom surfaces, remodeled the kitchen and on and on. This house has been a labor of love, but.........we are trying to move!

We love our house, but really want to live in the country. We would like 5 to 10 acres, just enough to grow some of our own food, have a cow and a pig, maybe some chickens and just live the quiet country life. We also would like a house with a bigger family room and an area in the kitchen for a table. We are thinking down the road when we have four daughter-in-laws and hopefully a house full of grandchildren!

We found a house last summer on 52 acres (we were going to have a Christmas tree farm) and actually had money down on it, but we had to sell ours first and ours did not sell. We were bummed for awhile, but now see that it would have been a lot of work for us. Eric and I both prayed over it separately and together and we both felt like we were supposed to make an offer, which the sellers accepted, so it is hard to understand why it didn't happen, why we didn't sell our place. Did we not hear God right? Maybe that was to occupy us while God was preparing the dream house we are supposed to be in? I don't know, but I know He knows! I feel like that is a lesson that I have to learn over and over, wait on the Lord, wait on the Lord and trust the Lord while I'm waiting.

We have been looking for a year now and have not found anything that fits our needs. It is frustrating. We have kind of put projects on hold because we keep thinking we are going to move. We didn't put a garden in this year or plant any color spots. I have been wanting to take down some of the wallpaper and re-vamp my kitchen, but keep thinking why do that if we are going to move. I feel like I am in limbo and I don't like it.

I did kind of emotionally detach from this house last summer when it was on the market, but have since "reconnected" with it. We have so many wonderful memories here. When I walk through my house at night and turn off all my lamps, I say to myself, this house is so pretty, I really love it. I just wish it was out in the country! We don't understand why we have to wait on this, but we are trusting God. We have a realtor looking for us and we check the paper every week. I take drives out in the country and pray, below is a picture of a home that I would love to live in, but it is not for sale. I trust that God will make a miracle for us and it will all come together when it is supposed to!

Sometimes I feel foolish about worrying about something like this when there are real problems in the world and I really have to keep it in check that I don't obsess over it. But at the same time, I know that God cares about the tiniest things that matter to us. I have given this to Him and pray for His will to be done.

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home

"The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song." Psalm 28:7

~ Sharon


Julieann said...

Your home is Gorgeous!!!


Candy said...

I know of a couple from my Church that were looking for a new house. They found the perfect neighborhood, but no houses for sale there. Then they found the perfect house for them, in that neighborhood, but it wasnt for sale. Then they drove to that neighborhood everyday and actually prayed that a house would come up for sale, the perfect house for their faily, and ...long story short..wouldnt ya know but a house came up for sale. The one that they wanted!
And, similar thing happened to my husband and I in our current place. We own in a condominium building. There was none for sale when we were looking. We slipped notes under the doors of the suites that we would be interested in buying and prayed about it. There was one suite in particular that we wanted, on the top floor (4th floor). I happen to be the one that slipped the note under the door, I said a little prayer as I did. A week went by, and then during the second week....we got a call from an owner wanting to sell and make a deal with us. When we found out which suite it was the one that I wanted!! Of all the suites that we slipped notes under, but really wanted this particular one, I couldnt believe it happened. Well, I could because we prayed about it.
Dont give up. God has YOUR PERFECT place for you. Its just not ready yet thats all. BUt when it is, and the timing is right, you will be soooooo happy. God knows your heart and your needs and your wants. He wants to give you MORE then what you need and want. Your dream home in the country is out there :)


Sharon said...

Candy -
I still can't open your blog! I am so bummed, I want to read yours. You have been so kind and left such nice, encouraging comments. I really appreciate the comment you left on this post, it really encouraged me!

Have you asked other bloggers if they can open your site? I hope we can figure this out!

Take care ~ Sharon

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