Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Neat Idea!

Several years back I designed a Birthday Questionnaire. I typed it on the computer and printed out several copies. When it is a family member's birthday I put it on the fridge about two weeks before their birtdhay. This also reminds the rest of the family that this person's birthday is coming up.

I started it because for many, many years our family tradition is that they request whatever kind of homemade dinner they want and I will make it. I needed to know in advance so that I could prepare and purchase all the groceries, so I designed this form. I wish that I had done it when they were really young because it would be hilarious to go back and read them and see what they request. They surprise me with their funny meal requests (for example sausage patties, macaroni & cheese, peas and spinach).

They always get to eat on the special red birthday plate with the words"You are special today" on it. If you don't have one, look for one as it is a very fun tradition. I didn't have a "real" You Are Special birthday plate for a long time, so I went to Goodwill and found a neat state plate with great pictures of animals on it and we used that for several years until I finally found the red one. I really would like to find another one because often we will celebrate two birthdays at once with the grandparents and/or friends.

Here is a what I have on the form:

Birthday Questionnaire!

Dear _________________

Your _______________ birthday is coming up soon!

1. What would you like for your birthday dinner, homemade by Mom?

2. What flavor cake do you want?

3. What flavor of frosting do you want?

4. What do you want for your birthday gift(s) from Mom and Dad?

5. List some birthday gift ideas that you would like from your brothers?

6. Any comments, questions or ideas?????

We all love you and are excited about your birthday!!!!!

Mackenzie requested chicken enchiladas and white cake with cherry frosting, so that is what I will be making today. He asked for money to help pay for his bike that he purchased two weeks ago and asked for I-Tunes cards from his brothers. We will have a dinner this evening with Brittany. I will show pictures later of our celebration.

If you would like a copy of this form, please email me @

Have a blessed day!!

Hugs, Sharon

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