Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Mother's Joy

Hayden, my youngest son (14), came home from school and told me that his light was stolen off of his bike. By the look on his face I could tell that he was saddened by this. I told him how sorry I was and asked if he knew who did it. He said he didn't. I asked if he was upset and he told me that at first he was already to get mad when all of the sudden he remembered what he had been reading in his Bible. He has been reading in Job. He said it came to his mind that Job had suffered so much and yet he still loved God and not get angry with God. He said that Job said "God giveth and God taketh away". He went on to tell me that he of course was saddened by the loss of his cool little bike light, but that he would not fall into anger. I was so very proud of him. We talked further about Job's life and what a wonderful chapter it is to teach us about always trusting God no matter what. I took advantage of this conversation and also reminded Hayden that we should be praying for whoever stole the light because if they are stealing from other kids they have some issues in their life, so we did pray together for thief.

I have taught my sons to read their Bibles every day. They all started when they were tiny and were actually just looking at pictures in a child's picture Bible. Of course, I read to them the Bible stories when they were little and explained things probably up until they were around age 12. I slowly weaned off of reading to them when it was apparent they were reading for themselves and absorbing it. I didn't want to force them to read, but I looked at it from the same point of view that we do with brushing teeth. It is not optional, it is something you do everyday for good health. In the beginning they do it because they are obedient, but it is thrilling for a mother when they cross over to doing it because they want to and they become self-disciplined with it. When I would go into their rooms when they were at school and see their Bible laying open next to their beds with scriptures highlighted, it just brought pure joy to my heart. God has been faithful to my true hearts desire and prayers that my kids will really hunger for His word.

I am so thankful that Hayden is really comprehending when he reads his Bible. I am thankful that he listened to the still small voice that guided him when his light was stolen. I am thankful that the Bible is a living and sharper than a double edged sword that can separate bone from marrow. I am so thankful that Hayden came to me and told me this story and that I was able to see the Lord working in him. Hearing my kids say things like this just brings joy to my heart.

~ Sharon

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Suzy said...

Sounds like your raising some wonderful godly men....
Thank God everyday for them!

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