Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mackenzie's Birthday Celebration

Here are the pictures of our birthday dinner for Mackenzie. We ate in the dining room and I used a lot of my pretty dishes and lit the candles. Per his request, I made chicken enchiladas from the Oregon Cookbook and they turned out wonderful. Along with the enchiladas I served a green salad and refried beans. I also made the cake that he wanted and it was white cake with cherry frosting. I found terrific Betty Crocker cake mix, I think it is called Buttery White and you add butter instead of oil. It was so moist and really, really good. We had a wonderful evening.
It was kind of sad because the big boys (Mackenzie and Cameron) are moving out next weekend, so we were discussing that this was probably our last big birthday dinner with all of the boys living at home. But, we realize that we will still all get together for meals and celebrations, it will just be different. The winds of change are coming, and change is good. I know great blessings are coming in those winds!

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