Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Little Kitchen Tip

We have had trouble with fruit flies lately and I wanted to share with you a great tip that I received from a wonderful lady who owns a pumpkin patch. Last fall we were purchasing our pumpkins from her cute business and I noticed she had a jar on the counter full of liquid and a ton of dead fruit flies. I asked her what it was and she explained that it was a fruit fly trap. It was two simple ingredients, cider vinegar and one drop of Dawn liquid detergent. You just put a couple of ounces of cider vinegar in a glass and one drop of Dawn and set it somewhere in your kitchen where the flies are congregating. In roughly half an hour you will see several dead flies in there. The only problem is the vinegar does not smell the best. I have used wine or sherry and that works too without the smell.


yellowfarmhouse said...

Wow this is such a timely tip for me. I've been looking like crazy to figure out were the dang fruit flies are coming from and can't find a source. I am walking, no running to the kitchen to do this. Thanks for sharing this great tip.

Hugs - Karen

Lavaunda said...

I love your blog! What a great tip, we too have had fruit fly visitors too. I am going to go try this right now. Your blog is very encouraging. Alot of blogs are aimed at the younger wives, which is great. But some of us more mature ladies need encouraging in different areas. So keep up the great work.

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