Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hayden's Birthday Celebration!

Last night we celebrated Hayden's 14th birthday! I put his birthday survey on the fridge (see my post under Ideas dated Sept 5, 2007 called "Neat Idea" to see the survey) and he requested a fondue dinner and chocolate birthday cake with chocolate frosting! His order was filled and we had a wonderful dinner! Everyone was there except Grayson, he had to work at the gas station because he forgot to ask for it off :0(.

I had a pot of oil for deep frying shrimp, steak, vegetables and cheese. I also had a pot with a beer cheese sauce for dipping bread and vegetables. Brittany brought her fondue pot and we put chocolate in there for strawberries and bananas. It is a lot of prep time, and a messy dinner, but really good and really fun! We all were amazed at how quickly we got full too! I found my two pots at the thrift store. The first one I purchased I threw out because it had no temperature control and it just got hotter and hotter - very dangerous with the oil! The two that I have now both have temperature controls and we have no problem.

We are so thankful for Hayden! He has been such an amazing blessing!

~ Sharon


Sondra said...

Happy Birthday to Hayden. He sounds like a really great kid. It is so hard to see our youngest ones grow up. How great that he wanted fondue. We have a great fondue resturaunt here but it is very expensive. I have never seen a fondue pot that plugs in. I have two but mine just use an open flame. I can never keep it hot enough. I will have to look for one that plugs in.
Sounds like you have had a wonderful weekend!

JanaBanana said...

Looks like your son hayden had a wonderful birthday! Congrats to him..
YUMMY food!

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