Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Pleasant Day

I had today off and had a lovely day. I was pretty busy all day long and yet had a restful day. It was so enjoyable for me to have a quiet day to myself at home and not have to go anywhere. After I did my normal morning routine I went for a long bike ride for exercise, which was so nice because it was such a pretty morning.
Later I went up into our "orchard", which is really not an orchard, but 7 fruit trees and our grape arbor. I picked some pears and apples. I wanted to make something with the pears and found a recipe on Google for a pear crisp. It tasted really good and it it smelled so good and fall-like while cooking.
Eric had our yard terraced about a year after we moved in. He brought in over 300 railroad ties and placed them all by himself! He designed and made the wonderful staircase up to the garden and he also made the beautiful grape arbor.
It is kind of like a secret garden when you walk up there and everything is in bloom. I had a ladies tea up in the orchard a few years ago and set up tables with quilts on them and used all my china and crystal. I hung blue Ball canning jars in the trees with wire and put votives in them. It was really beautiful. I need to do that again and take pictures for the blog! I made the orchard sign a few years back with my girlfriends, it was a really fun project and sometime I will show how we did that.
Mmmm, pear crisp made from fresh pears from my little orchard!
Later at 4:00 Eric and I went to Hayden's football jamboree and that was really fun, he did pretty good - he got an interception! Grayson was at his football practice and Cameron was still at work, but we all came together for dinner, which was Chinese food (again - second time this week!) that we ordered in.

It was a good day. I accomplished a lot of things, so now I am ready to relax with my family.

"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord, praise the Lord. Psalm 150:3,5,6



Julieann said...

I loved all the pictures--they just had Fall all over them:) Sounds like you had a lovely day:)


Joyfull said...


I just found your blog and love it! I plan to visit often. Our family is blessed with three sons and I also work part time, but consider my home and family my career.
On my cooking blog I just found a wonderful pear crisp, please feel free to take a look:

Blessings to you.

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