Saturday, September 1, 2007

Great summer day!

Today I had a great day! It started with my really good friend, Virginia, coming over for a visit. She brought me a beautiful red and orange glass candy dish for my birthday. It is so pretty, it is yellow at the base and then turns orange and then red, and it has a hobnail design. I think it might be Fenton, but will do some research on it. After that we we went to a really cute little restaurant for breakfast and great conversation and then we went Goodwill shopping. We had such a great visit, I just love her! She is so sensible and full of Godly wisdom and she is supportive and a great listener. She also is really fun because she loves fancy pretty dishes, entertaining, shoes, jewelry and clothes! When we went to Goodwill I found a beautiful horn of plenty with silk flowers and faux mini pumpkins and gourds. My plan is to use it as a center piece in the dining room and have two amber candlesticks on each side. Virginia found a wonderful brand new crock pot for $8.00 and a cute little decanter set. I love mornings like this!
After my fun time with Virginia, Grayson and Hayden and I went to the city pool and had a great time. Eric stayed home to watch the college football game and to get some chores done. This is such a cool swimming pool with four diving boards. They also have a couple of cool slides and a hot tub. It was extra nice today because it was not that crowded.
I love to just read, relax and lay in the sun!
I also love watching the boys swim!
Wow, this is a really handsome picture of Grayson!
This one's super cute too!

Hayden's a handsome boy too!

Here's Grayson doing a cannonball off the high dive!

 And here's Hayden doing a cool flip! The boys love this pool and so do I! It is one of our favorite family traditions!

When we got home Eric announced that he was making dinner and he made his famous BBQ chicken legs and corn on the cob. He is such a sweet man! It was a great meal. It was a good day!


Julieann said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!! Oh, I how I pray about finding a friend like the ones I meet here in blog land--all my girlfiriends are lovely----just different--they aren't into homemaking too much. Your boys did outstanding tricks at the pool--wow!!!

Enjoy your day:)


P.S. Followed you over from Kelli's:)

Sharon said...

Good morning Julieann. Thank you for your nice comments! I am brand new to the blogging world and it has been so fun! I am a little nervous if anyone will want to read my blog, so it just thrills me to find a sweet comment like yours! I visited your blog and really like yours too. I find homemaking so fullfilling and it is wonderful to meet other women who do too!

Have a great day! Sharon :0)

Julieann said...

I can't believe you are brand new to blogging--your blog is just filled with such wonderful information--I so enjoy reading it!


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