Saturday, September 15, 2007

Friday Night Lights 2

Grayson had another home game last night and we won! We actually killed'm at 36-0! What a fun, fun game! It was so exciting. The crowd was so worked up and so in to it. We have such fun sitting with all our friends, we have been watching these boys play football since 3rd grade and most of them were in the same kindergarten class together, so these families have all bonded and become really good friends. It was extra special because we beat one of our biggest rivals who wins all the time, but not this time!

Eric's parents, Jim and Alice came with us and were so proud of their grandson, #14! Grayson probably had his best game ever, he got several tackles and an interception that he ran 30 yards! My throat is sore from cheering so loud!

Also, as a little sidebar, if you read my post a week ago about listening to our children, I mentioned a deep talk with Grayson about girls and trusting God and waiting for God to bring the right special girl, well, it was really neat because last night there was a new really sweet girl with #14 painted on her cheek! :0) He had two reasons to celebrate!

Go Dawgs!


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Sondra said...

Wow! So great ya'll won. We went to my nieces game-she is a cheerleader and they beat their big rival team also. Oh, and they are Dawgs too!
So glad you stopped by my blog. Sorry that I double posted my comment on yours! My comp froze up. I am SO happy to find someone with boys about the ages of mine. None of my friends have kids the same age as mine and they do not understand some of the things that I go thru. I am so happy you added me to your friends :)

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