Thursday, September 13, 2007


I am a big candle fan. I light them almost every night. I love how they make the house look and smell so cozy. I use a lot more of them around my house in the winter. I prefer to use candles in jars compared to the big pillar candles because they are self-contained, and I also use tealights quite often because they are so easy and you can put them in so many different type of holders ranging from a rustic old muffin tin to a fancy piece of crystal. I love to use candles in my holiday decorating and try to find pretty little votive holders that beautifully reflect the light. I like to have them burning in the morning when the kids get up so it feels cozy in the kitchen.

I just wanted to pass along this little tip. Look for candles at thrift stores and garage sales! I often find $10.00 candles for $1.00 or less. I think it is because candles are so personal as far as the scent and people accidentally get candles that they don't care for once they get home. I also think that candles are given as gifts quite often and perhaps people receive candles that they don't care for. For whatever reason, I seem to find really nice candles at great prices. I just keep them stocked in a cupboard in the laundry room and pull one out when I need it. I pulled this candle out of the cupboard the other day and it still had the price on it, .59 cents! I have also found big bags of tealights for a fraction of the price as well. I am still waiting to find the mother lode though.......I would love to find a Yankee candle, they run about $20.00 and as of yet I have not found one, but I will keep looking!

~ Sharon

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Mrs. C said...

I'm visiting from Kelli's Show & Tell, and your candle post caught my eye.

There is an antique mall not too far away that stocks brand new Yankee Candle items at 50-75% off. I have no idea how the lady does it, but I stop by whenever I'm close by and see what goodies she has.
Mrs. C

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