Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Mornings

I love lazy Saturday mornings with my husband. Today we slept in and then had coffee and read the paper. Today it was sunny, so I went out on the front porch and read my Bible and spent some time with the Lord. Mackenzie, my oldest son, is preparing to move out in a matter of weeks. Right now we hardly see him because he is so busy working at two jobs and seeing his sweetie, Brittany. He came downstairs and got his cup of coffee and said, "I have something to show you". He went outside and brought in a new bike that he had purchased last night. He loves to ride his bike for recreation and to work for exercise. We are happy for him because his old bike was stolen a few weeks ago off the back of his truck where it was locked up! Someone used bolt cutters and broke the lock! GRRRRRR! Later Grayson came downstairs and Mackenzie and Grayson had an arm wrestling match, which was interrupted by a telephone call for Grayson. It seems there is never a dull moment around here! I just really enjoy the small things in life that make up our days. Cameron, our second son is on a trip to California and Hayden is at church camp.

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