Friday, August 31, 2007

Princess Diana

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana's death. I am not a celebrity worshiper, but there was something about Diana. I think maybe it was because we were the same age, she got married near the same time I did and we both had babies in September of 1984. I was visiting my sister Kathi when we both heard the news and we were devastated. We couldn't stop talking about it and watching all the stories on TV. She indeed was the people's princess. I think she was a good role model for women. She cared so much for her family and her little boys. Her story really is a tragic one with how her marriage ended up, and of course her tragic death, but I do believe she found her peace. The pictures I love the most of her are the ones with her and her little boys; she was a good mom. I also really like the pictures when she is holding the little children in other countries, she did a lot for humanity.

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