Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Dining Room

Here are a few pictures of my dining room. I love having a formal dining room, it is just so fun to have special meals in there. We have had a lot of wonderful meals and conversations in this dining room, as well as played a lot of games in there. I have marvelous memories of good friends for dinner, serious family talks in there, Christmas dinners and breakfasts in there, birthday dinners, big parties such as anniversary parties, Cinco De Mayo, baby showers, special luncheons with friends and much more. I think it is wonderful that families gather to eat good food, love each other and thank our saviour for our many blessings.
My first memory of this dining room was the first night we moved in. The boys were so young, Mackenzie was just 9 years old, Cameron was 7, Grayson 3-1/2 and Hayden was only 9 months old! We had all the carpets cleaned that day and they were still wet, so we couldn't set up our beds yet, so we laid our sleeping bags in the dining room and we all slept in there together! Little did I know that that evening kind of started the whole legacy of wonderful family gathers in that room!
I have a terrible addiction to fancy dishes and frilly things, so I have way too many things around, but they all talk to me! I have several special pieces that I have inherited from my grandmother and Eric's grandmother. Eric's grandmother's china is Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz and she also gave me some Kings Crown ruby crystal glassware. I received the Universal Iris pottery from my grandmother. I really love all of these dishes that I have received from them.

A lot of my treasures were found at garage sales, Goodwill or other thrift stores. I made the wreath with teacups on it several years ago (please ignore dust), it was pretty easy, I just found a huge straw wreath at Wal-mart, hot glued moss on it, then hot glued the teacups, saucers, spoons, roses and beads. I just love it. I copied it from the cover of Victorian magazine several years ago. The cute little lamp next to the stripped chair is a true treasure! I found it at a thrift store for $14.00! It is really old, but has been re-wired. The coolest part about it is the on/off switch, which is a little button you press with your foot! So cool! The crystal lamp was a birthday gift from my mother last year. It was a lamp she had in her room as a little girl and when my grandmother died, my mother received it and she recently decided to pass it on to me. I just love all the crystal hangy-doodles!


Haus Frau said...

I found your blog by way of The Sparrow's Nest. You have a wonderful, welcoming and lovely blog...glad to have found it. :o)

Bless you...

Kelli said...

Your dining room is beautiful, Sharon! You have displayed your treasures so nicely and I enjoyed hearing some speical dining room memories too! I also wanted to tell you that I loved how you displayed your old cookbooks in a previous post. Makes me wish I had some space above my cupboards too. :0)
So pretty!

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