Wednesday, August 22, 2007

God is good!

God is so good! He made us to worship him, but He didn't want pre-programed robots, He wanted to give us a free will that we might worship Him by choice because we love Him. I read my Bible just about every morning. I like to get my cup of coffee and find my cozy spot and read my Bible. In the summer I like to read out on the front porch as the sun is coming up and in the winter I find a cozy spot on the couch, light a candle and put on a pretty instrumental CD. I find it so amazing that every time I read His word that the scripture I read at that moment is just perfect for what I need for that day! His word is alive and active and sharper than a double edged sword. I am so thankful for my Father in Heaven. One of my favorite scriptures is Philippians 4:6 "Don't worry about anything, instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank Him for what He has done." Another favorite is Philippians 4:8 "Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable. Think about the things that are excellent and worthy of praise. "

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