Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fun day with Hayden

Today my youngest son, Hayden, and I ran errands and had fun together. We started with a doctor appointment and then we went to some thrift stores, got lunch at McDonald's and ate at the park where we fed the ducks and geese. After that we went to the pet store and purchased him a fresh water crab for his fish tank and a Beta fish, which he named temporarily Dr. Alder (we found a mini aquarium for Dr. Alder earlier in the day at the thrift store). I just love spending time with my sons.

Sometimes I get a little sad because just a few years ago I would have days like this and all four of them would be with me. I am so thankful that I have great memories of spending fun afternoons with all of my boys, but it is hard when I realize those days are gone. But, I do realize that having little grandchildren around to do these fun things with is not too far off in the future! What would I do if I had a sweet little granddaughter? How fun would that be!!! Anyway, for now I want to have joy in my life and concentrate on my blessings and what is going on today, not be sad and longing for the good ole days. I still have lots of time with Grayson (16) and Hayden (14), especially Hayden, and I still want to have special time with both of them. I want to make sure that they get to do fun things that their older brothers did even if it is not with all of us. I had a great day today, I love my Hayden!

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