Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cook Book Collection

I have a thing for old cook books. My sister, Kathi, got me started on them. She was collecting old home economics books from the 50s and 60s and shared them with me. Once I started looking through hers I had to have some of my own.
I have been collecting for about 14 years. You can see in these pictures a few of my favorite cookbooks and also some books on party planning and manners. Above is my collection of small wire bound cookbooks. I also have the larger size too.
There is something about them they speaks to me, I love the innocence from that time period and I love the pictures of women in the kitchen planning meals for their family.
I like to decorate the tops of my cabinets with them. They ad such a homey touch and if I ever need information out of them, I just have to climb up and get them!
I also like old pamphlets for kitchen products, but one of my favorites is called Blessed Be Drudgery, which is a neat little witnessing tract from the 50s. The picture on the front cracks me up! It talks about how we need the everyday things to appreciate the special things in our lives.
Here's a little excerpt from the pamphlet:

"Blessed be drudgery! For thrice it blesses us: It gives us the fundamental qualities of manhood and womanhood: it gives us success in the thing we have to do: and it makes us, if we choose, artists--artists within, whatever our outward work may be. Blessed be drudgery, the secret of all culture!"

I really believe that is true. We do our "day in day out" things the same every day, but when we get time off or get to do something special, it makes us appreciate it.

That is one of my philosophies on life, stop and smell the roses and appreciate the little things. When we come upon hard times in our lives, we tend to long for the "normal" days of just doing the simple everyday things, things of "drudgery." So maybe next time I do laundry or sweep my kitchen floor I should thank the Lord that I have a floor to sweep and I have my healthy, happy family for whom I do laundry.

Hugs, Sharon

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Anonymous said...

I love your collection! I collect old cook books too!

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