Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Busy Morning!

Today was a good, busy morning. Sometimes it all comes together and I accomplish a lot in the morning. I wish I had days like this every day! I always start my day with making my bed, stumbling to the kitchen to get coffee, turning on all my "cozy" lights and then tidying the house. Then I have my devotional time with the Lord. Today after my devotions I put a ham in the crock pot, boiled a dozen eggs for egg salad sandwiches for lunch today and made oatmeal cookies. I took my walk and now I am blogging! It was such a beautiful, sunny morning. Oh yes, I had a neat little surprise from the Lord when I went out on the front porch to read my Bible I found a cute little green tree frog on the side of the house. I quickly grabbed him and put him in Hayden's aquarium (where his lizard used to live until he escaped a week ago and is loose somewhere in my house!).
We have a fun day planned today, I am taking Grayson and Hayden and several of their friends to Tarzan's Hole, a local swimming hole with a rope swing! We are packing a picnic lunch and planning to have lots of fun. I might, emphasize MIGHT try to do the rope swing! I used to do that kind of thing in my younger days, but now it is a different story! I am planning a good ham dinner tonight and I think we might have all four boys plus Brittany for dinner so this will be nice. Thank you Lord for all these blessings!


Kelly said...

Yum to those oatmeal cookies - that's absolutely my favorite kind! :D I found your blog linked over at Mrs. Wilt's "The Sparrows Nest" and popped over to check it out. Very lovely! Hope that you and your gang had a great afternoon on the go! God bless!

Kelli said...

Hello Sharon! Welcome to the blogging world! Your blog is beautiful and thank you for inviting me over for a visit! It sounds like you had a wonderful morning. I love egg salad sandwiches! Have a blessed day!

Karen said...

I love cookies and now I want to make some to,LOL. Holy smokes you sound very calm about the lizard being loose in the house, YIKES that would really throw me for a loop.
Your mornings sounds like the perfect way to start the day. I also stumble to the coffee pot and pick up my wonderful "happy cup" and fill it up and enjoy the quiet of the morning. Love the sound of "cozy lights". Thanks for inviting me over to visit. Lovely blog Hugs - Karen

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