Monday, August 27, 2007

My Devotions Basket

As Martha Stewart would say, this is a Good Thing! My sister, Kathi, gave me this idea. I put everything I need for my morning devotions in a cute little basket that I can carry around to my little nooks where I like to do my studies and then just set it in a corner somewhere in the house and it looks nice.
This is what I currently have in mine:
Prayer journal
Reading glasses and sunglasses (for devotions done in sunshine)
Several pens and pencils
Several highlighters
A small battery operated clock
A calender
A notebook for ideas that come
Way too many women's issue books:
  1. I'm Too Young To Be This Old

  2. If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy

  3. The Total Woman

  4. A Mother's Heart

  5. The Mother's Topical Bible

  6. Making Your Husband Feel Loved

  7. Your Husband, Your Friend

  8. Give Them Wings

  9. Shepherding A Child's Heart

  10. Mothers & Sons - Raising Boys To Be Men

  11. Too Big To Spank

  12. Maximized Manhood

  13. The Family Managers Guide for Working Moms

  14. High Wire Mom

  15. Come To The Table - A Celebration Of Family Life

I know, I have a lot of books in my basket and, no, I am not reading all of them at the same time. I have an unusual style of reading, I like to have these resources on hand to read certain chapters based on what I am going through that day or week. Sometimes I am feeling like I am so out of control with balancing my work and home life, so I really get encouragement and inspiration from the working mother books. Sometimes I have a certain issue with one of my sons, so a book on raising boys is really helpful and so on and so on. Most of these books were purchased at Goodwill and garage sales for pennies, but I just love them. They are so helpful to me. I don't care if a book was written in the 70s because if it is scripture based, it is still relevant and has sound advice for me. My plan is to do more in depth book reviews in future Blogs on my absolute favorite books or the books that have had a major impact on my mothering and being a wife.

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Kelly said...

I love this post - what a wonderful idea about the basket. I see many familiar titles in there that I love as well. ;)

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